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Blitar is probably the best-kept secret gem of Java – a small, nostalgic town with traditional markets, alun-alun (an old town square), and becak the (tricycle tuk-tuks), where time has stood still since the first half of 20th century. Once the location of the capital of the Majapahit Kingdom, Blitar is surrounded by ruins of temples and shrines, among which is the largest Hindu temple complex in East Java, the Candi Penataran. The road between Malang and Blitar is dotted with beautiful rice fields and Javanese countryside life, and around Blitar there is hectares of coffee plantations and beautiful unspoilt beaches are not yet discovered byinternational tourism. And there is no home more intimate and relaxing to return to after a cultural day of sightseeing than Hotel Tugu Blitar. . At the heart of the nostalgic town of Blitar in East Java, lies the charming Hotel Tugu Blitar, unprecedentedly the best hotel and restaurant in town. Housed in a graceful 1850s Dutch colonial mansion, the building was lovingly renovated to its every detail to preserve its artistic, charismatic, and historical characters with a long driveway to the entrance, giant white-washed pillars, high ceilings, antique furniture, lines of old photographs, and elegant art-deco chandelliers. After the second World War, the oldest hotel in Indonesia was originally called Hotel Zentrum, many years after the name was changed to Hotel Sri Lestari. Hotel Sri Lestari still exists until now as a neighboring hotel to Hotel Tugu Blitar. Both hotels are now one entity called Tugu-Sri Lestari, and more recently, Hotel Tugu Blitar. Step back in time and experience the grandiose atmosphere of the room of Soekarno, Indonesia’s founding father, from colonial time Indonesia to the early years of independence. Here one’s imagination travels to a setting of the 12th century Majapahit Kingdom to mid 20th century, to a grand yet beautifully simple room which hosted a young, high-spirited and nationalistic team of intellectuals, from where they set up a whole nation and brought millions of people together.


Jalan Merdeka 173 Blitar East
Blitar, East Java 66117

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