Sumenep Batik Festival & Fun Run


The national event will be presented in Sumenep Regency, East Java. Even, no half-hearted event entitled Batik Sumenep Festival and Fun Run will present Puteri Indonesia 2016 along with international designer. This spectacular event aims to welcome the visit 2018 and the 748th Sumenep. Batik Festival and Fun Run will be held on 9 to 10 December, 2017 at GOR A. Yani and Taman Adipura Sumenep.

Batik Sumenep Festival will be enlivened with various activities i.e Batik Fashion Competition and Fashion on the Street. Expected will be attended by Puteri Indonesia 2016 and International Designer. The performance in Batik Sumenep Festival and Fun Run activities was adjusted to promote Sumenep Regency to all the archipelago, even the world to boost Visit Sumenep 2018.

On schedule Fashion On The Street (selection) will be held on Saturday 9/12/2017 at 08.00 am, in Taman Adipura or Taman Bunga Sumenep. Then in the evening will be held Batik Fashion Competition at 07.00 pm, in GOR A. Yani Panglegur Sumenep, while on Sunday (10/12/2017) 07.00 am will be held Fun Run.


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