Seblang Bakungan


Seblang Bakungan is a traditional ritual with the media dance, music and poetry of  Osing, Banyuwangi. This traditional ceremony aim as clean village ritual and reject reinforcements the village stays inside safe condition and peace. Ceremony custom seblang itself can only be found in two villages in the Banyuwangi region, namely Bakungan Village and Olehsari Glagah District, Banyuwangi. Customary rituals in this form of dance symbolizing sacredness, the ritual of meeting the two worlds, as well as gratitude for the gift given by God and also a request for reject reinforcements. In the arena where the Seblang ritual is held, there are rice ornaments, sugar cane and other food plants that symbolize fertility to be grateful for.


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Bakungan Village, Banyuwangi - Indonesia

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