Parade Jolen


The Jolen Parade is one of Amazing Blitar's cultural potential. "Parade Jolen" was held by the Village of Krisik District of Gandusari, in order to fill the event on the clean village in the place.

Jolen, which was used as a race, was actually used as a place to bring cone and equipment. Like savory and side dishes for salvation.

Jolen is a place to bring food, which is shaped like a East Java house. How to carry it carried by 2 or 4 people. All participants that had taken jolen gathered at the village head's house and were held together, the cone and side dishes.

In this event jolen will be competed and valued by the jury. Every hamlet always organizes this event regularly every year.


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Krisik village, Gandusari district - Blitar - East Java

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