Grebeg Suro & Festival Nasional Reyog Ponorogo



Reyog is a traditional art from Ponorogo, East Java, which has been known and played in various regions in Indonesia, even abroad. The main attraction is one of the dancers who uses tiger mask headdress combined with a kind of crown made of peacock feathers (Dhadak Merak) whose overall weight is approximately 40 kg. The crown can move attractively following the music that is ambiguous and is not less interesting Dhadak Merak can be occupied by adult humans on the head of the earth. Reyog Ponorogo National Festival is one of the activities of various events at the Grebeg Suro event which was held for 1 month. Reyog Festival was attended by hundreds of Studio Reyog from various major cities in Indonesia. Through this festival, viewers will enjoy the grandeur, dynamism and strength of Reyog artists from various regions.


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Thu Aug 22, 2019
To: Sep 3, 2019

Alun alun Ponorogo, East Java

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