Batik Fashion Fair 2017


Success on Bazar Batik Jawa Timur, PT Debindo Mitra Tama again held The 2nd Batik Fashion Fair 2017 on 6th-10th December 2017 in Grand City Surabaya.

In this event, in addition to showing various works of batik and fashion supporters, Batik Fashion Fair 2017 will also bring the special "Pasar Batik 17 Agustus Pamekasan". Why so special? Because Pasar Batik 17 Agustus Pamekasan, actually there are only every Thursday and Sunday in Pamekasan, Madura. But special in Batik Fashion Fair 2017, will now be present for five days.

As stated by President Director of PT Debindo Mitra Tama, Dadan M. Kushendarman, in this exhibition will also be displayed "High Premium Batik" which is the creation batik craft that has more value, not only in terms of price reaching millions of rupiah, but also from philosophy so that visitors not only shop but also gain knowledge of batik values ??more exclusively.

Dadan also added, with the theme of ‘Pesona Kriya Wastra Indonesia’, Batik Fashion Fair 2017 will be followed by more than 180 booth participants featuring a variety of products, designs and motifs of batik choice, both traditional, ethnic, and modern of industrial and batik craftsmen, embroidery, weaving, songket, traditional clothing, as well as a variety of fashion products and accessories the latest choices.


As we known, Batik Fashion Fair 2017 was held with the intention and objective to give appreciation and opportunity to the widest extent to entrepreneurs and craftsmen batik and embroidery area to be able to further enhance and develop creativity, productivity and market network optimally in the global market. At the same time also can put batik as the nation's cultural heritage that must be preserved and developed both in the country and abroad.


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