Tourism Events in EAST JAVA


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Presented biannually, the Europalia Arts Festival 2017 has selected Indonesia as main focus country to present the Arts and Cultures of Indonesia. Indonesia is the first South East Asian country featured, and the fourth in Asia. To take place throughout 3 months from 10 October more

Austria, Britain, Belgium, France, Germany, Poland, and the Netherlands

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When Tue Oct 10, 2017

The Wild Adventure 2 Trail Run 5K & End Year Camp

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The Wild Adventure 2 is an advanced event of The Wild Adventure Photography Competition that is considered successful enough to introduce the natural beauty of Coban Rondo Malang to the community. In order to introduce the natural beauty of Coban Rondo which focuses on the end year celebration, The more

Coban Rondo, Batu, Malang - Indonesia

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When Sun Dec 31, 2017

Bang Wetan Festival 2018

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Bang Wetan started the Craft Exhibition in 2018, hopefully the return of Bang Wetan is expected to be more East Java, (Batik, Fashion, Accesories) Profile Participant Exhibition: The Craftsmen, Batik and Craft Entrepreneur, Association, Batik / Fashion Manufacturer, Jewelery Manufacturer Assesories, more

Grand City Mall, Surabaya - Indonesia

When Thu Jan 25, 2018

Astindo Fair 2018

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One of the biggest tourist destination forums & expo in Indonesia - an event where travel and tourism industry could meet directly with consumer to gain information access on traveling to various tourist destinations in Indonesia and overseas. Popular tourist destinations all around the more

Atrium 1 Supermall and Pakuwon Mall, Surabaya

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When Fri Mar 9, 2018

Majapahit Travel Fair 2018

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The annual event as the biggest Tourism Fair in eastern Indonesia, Majapahit Travel Fair 2018 will be held on 12th to 15th April 2018 at the Grand City Surabaya Mall & Convex in Surabaya, Indonesia. It is an appropriate event to promote cultural and tourism potential of East Java in particular more

Grand City Mall & Convex Surabaya, Genteng, Indonesia

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When Thu Apr 12, 2018